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Vintage Gone Kaffe

I’ve posted about this quilt a few times over the last several months. I thought I’d have this top finished before now but, alas, that wasn’t in the cards. I finished it yesterday and I’m beyond thrilled!

This quilt was fun to piece, and I enjoyed working with colors that aren’t typically mine. I love bright and fun and all but even I admit that it’s a change of pace for me.

I went to my favorite local quilt shop  to find a border but nothing worked. I contemplated a blue inner border, piano keys, a spotted outer border and combinations thereof. I played with prints I used in the quilt. I added some black and white for contrast. Nothing quite work and I decided if I have to work that hard for a border then the quilt doesn’t need one. Besides, the original doesn’t have a border, either.

vingate gone kaffe

I plan to mimic the quilting on the original. There are a few changes I’m going to make so quilting will be easier. The original quilt was hand quilted and since I plan to quilt this on my machine the changes will make quilting more fluid for me.


Kaffe Mini Swap

A friend of mine put together a Kaffe Fassett Mini Swap in July. I’m a huge lover of Kaffe fabrics so, of course, I had to participate! As usual, I waited until the last minute. I swear I do better work when I’m under pressure. Others may call me a procrastinator but I think my creativity soars and things just come together.

I sent this yesterday to parts far North of here. I hope the person that gets it is happy.

I have to admit, I was kind of sad not to keep this for myself.

mini swap

quilt, quilting, quilts, sewing

Piecing it Together

I was able to get the parts of my Kaffe quilt arranged last week and am in the process of sewing the top together. I still need to cut the setting triangles but that shouldn’t take much time. Besides, I have to sew the diagonal strips first so what a little more work, right?

I was hoping to have the top pieced by tonight but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m already thinking about the border. I think a narrow blue inner border and possibly a piano key outer border. Still contemplating anyhow and there is no rush to have it finished. Well, other than I have more quilts in the queue that I want to make.

kaffe crop

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Vintage Quilt Goes Kaffe

I am slowly making progress on the vintage quilt that I am recreating in Kaffe Fassett fabrics. You can see it here. I’m pretty excited about how it is coming together, too.

The quilt is basically 9-Patch blocks, Half-Square Triangles and squares. Once the hst’s are pieced the blocks go together quickly. woot!


progress web

The blocks are set on point and finish at something like 14”. Lucky for me I’m making the quilt a square. I have 2 more blocks pieced but not on my design wall yet. 9 more to go. yay!

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Kaffe Block One

I bought a vintage quilt ten or so years ago. My best guess is that the quilt was made in the thirties. The quilting is impeccable and the stitches are so small. I’ve been wanting to make an updated version for a while but hadn’t figured out exactly how I wanted to do it. The other day I was folding up said quilt and it hit me. Here’s a peek of the quilt.


back detail

I needed retail therapy yesterday and took advantage of one of my kids feeling a little under the weather. I don’t really think he was ill but if he’s going to play that game, so am I. We went to my favorite quilt shop and picked up some goodies. You can see them on my previous post here.

Last night I decided to make a block.  Well, part of one block, the quilt is on point and I have to piece it in diagonal strips. Curious yet? I’m thrilled with it so far!

kaffe block one


Quilt Retreat Prep

I’m going to a quilt retreat with my guild friends this weekend. Two days of sewing. No interruptions. This weekend couldn’t come at a better time, either. I have been stuck in the house because of snow/threat of snow/sick kids for twelve days and, well, it’s been stressful. And loud.

To maximize my sewing time, I’ve spent the last week cutting out my parts. I’m very excited about this quilt. I think it will be great when I finish.

Here’s what I have so far:

Squares from my stash. Well, I did buy a few pieces, but only a few.


The strips and squares will be paired with grey and navy. Not sure where the grey is but I can assure you that the parts have been cut.


I’ll try to post my progress over the weekend.

Happy Quilting!

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Cloche Hat

My Intown guild always has a group quilt in process. Basically, you get quilt blocks made to your size, color, pattern, etc. specifications and assemble. I’ve talked about it before, I think. One member keeps the master list of when members “join” – it’s not an official sort of thing – and we go in order.

Our latest member to get her quilt requested a hat, shoe, purse block since she (ahem) likes to shop. My absolute favorite hat is a cloche. I own several, and want to buy more. A girl can always use a cute hat, right? I wanted to use bold fabrics, and I wanted my hat to have a little interest. The leaves are from an old Amy Butler fabric, the ribbon is a Lakehouse fabric, and the “pin” is a Timeless Treasures fabric.

We were asked to put some bling on it, so there may be jewels in this blocks future, though I’m not entirely certain yet….


Two Quilts for Two Sisters

A friend of mine had baby two a year ago. As part of her shower gift, I made a quilt. My friend didn’t find out the gender of the baby ahead of time, so I couldn’t actually do anything until the baby was born.

I’m really late getting this to Z, but better late than never, right? And, of course, I had to make one for big sister. I have two boys. I have to get the pink in somehow.

Lots of Kaffe, some great Andover polka dots that I wish they’d keep as a basic (I can’t get enough of it), and some other fun, bright fabrics. I had to finish it with my favorite: a striped binding!