Patty Murphy, Kristi McDonough, and Jennifer Sampou came together with an idea to highlight the quilting, sewing, and crafting communities while promoting sustainability to help preserve our world. The three women were inspired by global activists and decided to put their vision into action.

We want to learn and share how we can create a cleaner, greener world one stitch at a time.

“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye, it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.” – Edvard Munch

In an effort to be more sustainable, I proudly mail most physical packages with EcoEnclose recycled mailers.

  • Fibers made with 100% recycled content. May also include additives, adhesives, and ink.
  • Made with 90% post-consumer waste that has been diverted from landfills.
  • High recycled content and can be readily recycled into a useful product in its next life.
  • The materials used to construct the mailer do not contain synthetic polymers.
  • Commonly accepted in most curbside recycling programs across the US.
  • Utilizes local recycled inputs, transparent supply chain, lower transportation footprint.

I am in the process of eliminating all plastic and non-recycled content from my studio. It takes time. If you receive any plastic or non-recycled content, please know that it’s either the last of what I have or it’s something I received in another package that I’m re-using. I encourage you to re-use it, too!

You can find my sustainability savings here.

I do my best to be more sustainable in my studio including:

  • All patterns on my website are pdf downloads. In addition to immediate gratification when purchasing a pattern, paper is saved if we don’t print the pattern and there’s no cost to mail.
  • I run my shop through Etsy, who has a long list of net zero and environmentally friendly goals. You can read more about it here.
  • Using all LED and natural lighting
  • Unplugging my sewing machine, iron, and other electronics when not in use. Electronics use electricity if they are plugged in and not in use. This can save anywhere from 10-25% on an energy bill*. Additionally, I don’t worry about a Georgia thunderstorm and lightening strike ruining my machine.
  • I keep all scraps and the tiniest scraps go into a pillows or I compost them.

*I’ve read articles quoting anywhere from 10-25% but regardless of what you save, you still save. Every bit of impact is important.

  • Organize and evaluate your stash then sew from it!
  • Be mindful with purchases to determine if it’s something you need vs. what you want.
  • Buy quality over quantity.
  • Ask artists and businesses what they do to be more sustainable if information isn’t on their website. There’s a great form letter here if you need a place to start.
  • Support organizations, like Create and Sustain, that are working to clean up the environment.
  • Have a vegetarian dinner once or twice a week.
  • Educate yourself on the issues.