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In her first book, longtime quilter Murphy shares her advice for quilters interested in improving their piecing skills. The first chapter covers tools and foundational techniques and includes tips for everything from cutting fabric on grain to setting seams to using bar soap as a marking tool. The second section examines common issues with patchwork components (e.g., half-square triangles) and quilt blocks (e.g., Ohio star). A final segment focuses on finishing, including techniques for working with imperfect quilt blocks. Murphy’s descriptions are thorough and her tone is helpful and encouraging. VERDICT Experienced quilters may find here solutions to some of their trickiest piecing issues, and beginners who have yet to develop not-so-great piecing habits can get off to a good start by following the advice in this excellent book.

All Squared Up

^^^ That’s my quilt! On the cover! May 2007

Propeller Quilt is in the spring 2017 issue of Fons and Porter Scrap Quilts. You can read more about it here.

Bohmeian Purse Girl (terrible photo, I know) is in this 2006 issue of Quick Quilts.