Quilt Retreat Prep

I’m going to a quilt retreat with my guild friends this weekend. Two days of sewing. No interruptions. This weekend couldn’t come at a better time, either. I have been stuck in the house because of snow/threat of snow/sick kids for twelve days and, well, it’s been stressful. And loud.

To maximize my sewing time, I’ve spent the last week cutting out my parts. I’m very excited about this quilt. I think it will be great when I finish.

Here’s what I have so far:

Squares from my stash. Well, I did buy a few pieces, but only a few.


The strips and squares will be paired with grey and navy. Not sure where the grey is but I can assure you that the parts have been cut.


I’ll try to post my progress over the weekend.

Happy Quilting!

Published by Patty Murphy

Designer. Quilter. Fabric Hoarder.

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