Up Close and Personal with Aether

I’ve had a few requests to get close up looks at the fabrics I use in Aether, so I added this gallery. With the exception of the image at the bottom, because I forgot to take a photo of that square (gah!), the blocks are in order.

You can see how I appliquéd the orange peels. I used stitch #6 on my Bernina – it’s a double stitch (I think that’s the name?) – it’s basically two straight stitched lines next to each other. I wanted more depth to the stitches than a single straight stitch and I didn’t want to use a decorative stitch so this was the winner. You can also see how I changed my thread color along some of the orange peels so the thread would blend into each orange peel. I wanted everything to blend as seamlessly as possible. It was extra work but absolutely worth it, I think!

I’m embarrassed that I am still quilting the orange peels (shakes fist) but I’ll get them finished eventually. I’ve got some secret sewing happening right now and it’s been my priority. More on that later!

Most of the fabrics are from the Kaffe Fassett collective. There are also fabrics from Sally Kelly, Anna Maria Horner, Moda, Martha Negly, Tula Pink and more. Some of the designs are still current, others are not, but this should help guide you when you pull fabrics from your stash.

Have you made an Aether quilt? I’d love to see some photos! Tag me online or send me an email.

Happy Piecing!

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4 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal with Aether

  1. Hi Patty,
    What brand fusible material do you recommend using for your appliqué?

    Thanks much—love your work!


    1. Hey Jennifer,

      Thank you! The honest answer is that you should use whatever brand you like best. I think I used Steam A Seam 2 lite but I can’t really remember. Horrible, I know! Let me know if you have any other questions.


      1. Great! Then it can’t matter too much which I pick! Thanks for the quick response!


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