Kaffe Block One

I bought a vintage quilt ten or so years ago. My best guess is that the quilt was made in the thirties. The quilting is impeccable and the stitches are so small. I’ve been wanting to make an updated version for a while but hadn’t figured out exactly how I wanted to do it. The other day I was folding up said quilt and it hit me. Here’s a peek of the quilt.


back detail

I needed retail therapy yesterday and took advantage of one of my kids feeling a little under the weather. I don’t really think he was ill but if he’s going to play that game, so am I. We went to my favorite quilt shop and picked up some goodies. You can see them on my previous post here.

Last night I decided to make a block.  Well, part of one block, the quilt is on point and I have to piece it in diagonal strips. Curious yet? I’m thrilled with it so far!

kaffe block one

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Designer. Quilter. Fabric Hoarder.

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