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Sugar and Spice

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.

It’s so true and I’m thrilled that this quit is going to one of the sweetest little girls ever.

I finished the quilt for Ava and I love it! So does she, and more importantly, her mom.

I finished quilting and binding the quilt several weeks ago. Every time I’d grab it to take to my friend I remembered that the owl and birds had no eyes and the butterflies had no antennae. I drew those on with a Pigma pen.

I quilted with a simple straight line through the center of each strip. Larger strips had several quilting lines. I quilted around the trees, leaves, animals and flowers, too. The leaves have veins and the butterflies have little circles on their bodies. I’m not sure if you can see that in this picture, though, and now the quilt isn’t here for me to snap a photo of that. drat.

I sketched the tree, leaves, butterflies and owl on newsprint before transferring them to Steam-a-Seam lite and applying them to the background. Once the parts were ironed onto the background I stitched around them, then again when they were quilted. I suspect that this quilt will be heavily used and a little extra stability seemed like a good idea.

The entire quilt was pieced entirely from strips and scraps and fabric that I had in my stash. I have a lot of fabric and I’m trying to use up some of it. I did have to buy the beautiful striped batik for the binding but think it compliments the fabric nicely. What do you think?

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Makin’ Headway

Little Mister is with my parents for the week. He calls it Camp Mimi and Papa. I call it a much needed reprieve, though truth be told I miss him terribly and am ready for him to come home. I have one more day to be productive. I made certain the house was mostly clean and organized on Sunday so I could ignore it this week to sew. It’s been quite nice.

I’m making headway on this quilt that I blogged about in November. I’m almost finished with the quilting and am extremely happy with how it looks.

A close up view

I pressed all the seams open and initially was stitching “in the ditch”, except there wasn’t much of a ditch. After a few passes I took out those stitches and started sewing straight lines through the middle of each piece.

I always love an opportunity to practice my free motion quilting. After all, practice makes perfect. I outlined the leaves and stitched in the veins. The tree has a planned, stipple-like wave quilting and all the flowers outline the outside edge.

The quilt really looks great!  It’s well quilted but the quilting doesn’t take away from the overall design. I can’t wait to show you the finished product. I’m hopeful that I’ll finish the quilting tomorrow and get it bound by this weekend.

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I finally got my tree quilt basted. The top has been finished since February 2010. Yep! Over an entire year ago, though I’ll lovingly blame it on having a new baby.

I was thrilled to dig through my stash to find the backing fabric. It couldn’t be any more perfect!

I also received a package of some Japanese taupe fabric from a cute little shop in New Hampshire. I’ve never been to the shop but they have lots of taupes online. woot!

The fabric has been washed and dried and is eagerly waiting for me to cut into it. I have some applique work calling my name.

Just. Can’t. Wait.