Indigo Quilt

I eyed some indigo fabrics at market for three years. Maybe longer. Every time I was at market I wanted to buy them but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I finally made the plunge when I was pregnant with Q-Man, and knew it would be a while before I was at any market. I’veContinue reading “Indigo Quilt”

See you in four years!

Last July, I asked several quilter friends if they would like to be part of a round robin. There are no rules, but we each have six months to complete our border and send it to the next quilter. We’re working alphabetically so we always know who gets the quilt next. Pretty easy. We haveContinue reading “See you in four years!”

You’re Safe with Kaffe

I was browsing quilters blogs and websites one recent evening and kept seeing a pattern that I have loved for ages. It’s kind of  haunted me. I showed it to husband and he actually liked it! Surprising for me since husband openly admits he doesn’t care for a lot of my quilts. He likes veryContinue reading “You’re Safe with Kaffe”

More Japanese Taupe Applique

Blocks three and four (from this book) are complete except for some embroidery. I don’t have the correct color perle cotton and need to order that from here. If I’m lucky I’ll accomplish that in the next day or two. Fingers crossed (sigh). I was planning to mix pieced and appliqued blocks but I loveContinue reading “More Japanese Taupe Applique”

Hooray, Horray for Applique!

I think applique work is beautiful. It’s even prettier when the person that made the block or quilt is experienced with applique. I’ve always loved what applique adds to quilts and been in awe of those who can beautifully create it. I have, however, been scared to tackle this particular element of quilting for someContinue reading “Hooray, Horray for Applique!”