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Warrior Quilt

An old friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer last fall. I planned to make her a quilt to have while she was going through chemotherapy but I overcommitted. Well, that’s what I thought. It turns out I was severely vitamin D deficient and had NO energy. My doctor took my concerns about being tired to a fault to heart and ran a few tests to figure that out. Mega doses of Vitamin D and I’m back in the saddle again. Fortunately for me, I had an easy fix. Unfortunately for my friend, she’s still fighting the good fight but she is truly a warrior. Chemo and a double mastectomy. No choice a young mother should make but she’s strong as an ox and I know she’ll get through this.

I’m in awe of her. I really am. You don’t realize how important your health is until you don’t have it. That point hit home over the last 6 weeks. What I’ve been dealing with pales in comparison to her battle. I mean, really, my issue is a small scratch on the surface; but when I was feeling completely and utterly exhausted all the time for no apparent reason, well, that was tough. It was beyond tough.

I finally got my act together and made her this quilt. Many months later than planned but it happened. My friend sent the sweetest note to me when she got it. Deeply touched by the gesture. Indeed it truly is better to give than receive. Unless it’s your birthday, then it’s fun to receive 😉


I used  Anna Maria Horner’s Dressmaker on the back. I absolutely ADORE that fabric! I should have bought more. It wasn’t quite wide enough so a small strip of another AMH print and I was set. I quilted straight lines at angles across the quilt with my walking foot. No rhyme or reason, just random, for a fun look. The lines are (ahem) mostly straight, too.

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Sugar and Spice

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.

It’s so true and I’m thrilled that this quit is going to one of the sweetest little girls ever.

I finished the quilt for Ava and I love it! So does she, and more importantly, her mom.

I finished quilting and binding the quilt several weeks ago. Every time I’d grab it to take to my friend I remembered that the owl and birds had no eyes and the butterflies had no antennae. I drew those on with a Pigma pen.

I quilted with a simple straight line through the center of each strip. Larger strips had several quilting lines. I quilted around the trees, leaves, animals and flowers, too. The leaves have veins and the butterflies have little circles on their bodies. I’m not sure if you can see that in this picture, though, and now the quilt isn’t here for me to snap a photo of that. drat.

I sketched the tree, leaves, butterflies and owl on newsprint before transferring them to Steam-a-Seam lite and applying them to the background. Once the parts were ironed onto the background I stitched around them, then again when they were quilted. I suspect that this quilt will be heavily used and a little extra stability seemed like a good idea.

The entire quilt was pieced entirely from strips and scraps and fabric that I had in my stash. I have a lot of fabric and I’m trying to use up some of it. I did have to buy the beautiful striped batik for the binding but think it compliments the fabric nicely. What do you think?