See you in four years!

Last July, I asked several quilter friends if they would like to be part of a round robin. There are no rules, but we each have six months to complete our border and send it to the next quilter. We’re working alphabetically so we always know who gets the quilt next. Pretty easy.

We have a dynamic group. Each of us has a great style, and look, but the combined efforts will make spectacular quilts. I can’t wait to see them finished. The long lead times mean we’ll have this project going on for four years -maybe less if we don’t take the full six months to complete a section. Everyone seemed okay with that.

We have just sent our centers to the first border maker. Okay, I still have to send mine, but I plan to do that tomorrow. Snow and winter break made it tough. I’m sending it with a small pack of fabric in case any of my friends want to incorporate them in other borders. I’m also sending a label so everyone can sign it.


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