You’re Safe with Kaffe

I was browsing quilters blogs and websites one recent evening and kept seeing a pattern that I have loved for ages. It’s kind of  haunted me. I showed it to husband and he actually liked it! Surprising for me since husband openly admits he doesn’t care for a lot of my quilts. He likes very streamline, linear, simple, quilts. Occasionally I make one he likes but not often. Luckily I’m quilting for me! Buuuttttt, if I can make a quilt that we both like and may even (gasp) get used then even better!

I went to my favorite shop to pick up a copy. You are probably familiar with it. Kim McLean’s Lollipop trees. It’s really a fabulous pattern.

Of course, if I buy a new pattern then I was going to have to pick up a few more Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Oh, drat! I picked up a few to supplement my collection but think I need more. Actually, I know I need more but am going to try to get them as needed. My sewing room is small and husband has a third of it, well, he’s supposed to have a third of it. I may have, ahem, taken it back over recently. But that’s temporary.

The squares are much larger than I thought. 18″ square when finished. That’s one large block! It took me something like five hours to get the first one traced on templates, cut and partially basted. Yikes!

I did change a few things. Initially I had a brown stem but didn’t really like it so I decided to go with green. I cut out the center three times before settling on the current iteration – one was too dark and the yellow didn’t make the grade – and I had to buy a few more pink/red fabrics so I could make the bubbles/circles/lollipops at the end of the leaves.  I put a few down and they were too light but I think I’m happy with this version.

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3 thoughts on “You’re Safe with Kaffe

  1. Beautiful fabric choices! This is going to be a gorgeous quilt!! It’s haunted me a while, too—-definitely my favorite of all the lovely McLeans but had no idea it was 18″ finished! whew!!

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