Sweet Pea Quilt

My cousin and his wife had Sweet Pea 22 hours before Q Man was born. 22 hours! How crazy is that?! I mean, really?

Of course I had to make a quilt.

This quilt was so fun and easy to make. I fussy cut the center squares from a variety of fun fabrics then bordered each with a solid reading batik. I love it! I did some great quilting in the center of the squares, too. It was so much fun to do the free motion quilting in the center of each block.

Sadly, I’ve had the quilt pieced and quilted for ages but just hadn’t bound it. Partially because I was being lazy and didn’t want to make the binding and partially because I wasn’t sold on any particular fabric for the binding. Originally I planned to use the black and white flower print that I’d used for the inner border. Then I decided I didn’t like it.

I’m trying to finish up projects now that I’ve found balance in my life and make time to sew. Since this partially finished quilt was in my sewing room for a year (gasp!) I decided I needed to just get it finished.  I was digging through my binding scraps (yes, I keep all the little parts of binding if I have some remaining so I can use it on other projects or piece several bindings together for quilts, or…. you get the idea). Anyhow, I ran across this stripe that, ironically, I used as the binding for a baby quilt for another cousins kid born a few months before Q Man. Perfect! I just love striped bindings.

Sweet Pea’s Mamas favorite color is purple so I put this funky purple-ish Kaffe on the back for her. Okay, I had enough fabric in my stash, too. But it soooo screams of her Mama.

I’m super pleased and hope that Sweet Pea will treasure this for years!

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