Italy Day 9

By day 9 we were all pretty exhausted so we took it easy. We saw some sites, and I found a fabric shop, but we didn’t do much.

Lunch was at a darling restaurant and they had the best tiramisu!

I went to Casa del Tessuto to look around for fabric. They have floor to ceiling fabrics – Chanel, Pucci, all the designers. I seriously thought about buying some designer fabric but I wasn’t sure what I’d want to make so I stuck to Liberty.

The best part about buying fabric is that you don’t have to speak the language. The gentleman helping me spoke no English. I spoke no Italian. BUT he knew exactly what I wanted when I pointed and asked for a half meter. He also knew what I meant when my husband walked out of the store (it was small) and I asked for one and a half meters. We both laughed!

Back at the hotel, husband and I sat on the veranda and had an afternoon snack. We watched some birds fight.

Enjoyed going up to our room on this cool elevator

Then went to dinner at the most amazing Indian restaurant on the last night.

Was Italy a success? Absolutely. Would I go back? In a heartbeat. There is so much more I want to do and see there and I’d welcome a chance to go again.

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