Italy Day 8

The Sunday we were in Rome had free entry to museums. Which is great! Except the lines were a mile long. We decided that we’d rather see things instead of wait in line. Would I have liked to have gone into the Coliseum or St. Peter’s Basilica? Absolutely, but we decided to soak up what we could in the short time we had there. Rome was a bonus destination. Tuscany was the main event.

Our day started with motorcycles in the street. Hundreds of them! I started the video late – this easily went on for 5 minutes. I’m not sure what they were doing/protesting/organizing but I thought it was really interesting.

Motorcycles for days

Lots of ruins, cool things to see.

The Pantheon.

The Italian Stock Market, Trevi Fountain, Cobblestones and more ruins.

We were tired of Italian food by day 8 and decided to get some sushi. Our sashimi came out with some dry ice for flair!

Sushi on Dry Ice

Aprés dinner gelato. This place was gorgeous and the gelato was excellent! I had a scoop of peach (with fresh peaches in it!) and a scoop of cookies and cream.

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