Round Robin – part one

Last July, seven of my quilt friends and I gathered forces and decided to do a round robin. The rules are loose:
1. We have six months to complete our part and send it to the next person.
2. We are sending our quilts to each other in alphabetical order. Straightforward and we won’t lose our places.
3. No size constraints.

Over the past few months I’ve heard that several if us are sending along fabric. For continuity, of course. And my friend Mary had the brilliant idea to send a label so we can each sign it. Awesome.

I have a lot of flowers, leaves, and well, work, left to make but here’s a sneak peak of my center.


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2 thoughts on “Round Robin – part one

  1. A great start! I got a headstart because I was given a center block in November. This has been so helpful in that I’ve had time to consider many options for the first circle row.

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