Japanese Taupe

I really love Asian textiles and artwork. The colors and textures, the attention to detail. It’s awe inspiring.

I remember being at the Houston Quilt Market in the fall of 2009 and staring at the quilts in the Hanamomen booth (maybe it was Lecien, or Kokka….I don’t remember but the quilts at the Japanese fabric booths are always incredible).  Really, really unbelievable!

Recently I was in New York visiting my sister and I ran across Susan Briscoe’s book Japanese Taupe: 125 Blocks in Calm and Neutral Colors. HOLY COW! I just HAD to have it and, while I could have waited to get it from my local quilt shop, I wasn’t willing to wait. And I needed reading material for the return trip, right?

I did, of course, buy some fabric, too.

I have collected a few more from my favorite local quilt shop and  have been digging through my stash.

And now I’m busy planning my next quilt using this book. Just. Can’t. Wait!

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