From Blah to Ta-dah! a Bedroom Makeover

When husband and I bought our house we agreed that the last room we’d decorate would be the master bedroom. Little did I know it would take nine years. I mean, come on! Nine whole stinking years! The room came close to being fully decorated a few times but never quite what I wanted. It turns out it was worth the wait. At least it was to me. The story goes like this…..

Husband and I were finally ready to make the master bedroom our little sanctuary. We chose a paint color for the walls, bought some fabric and new draperies (store bought- yikes!) and had a great general plan. Or so I thought.

Then the seat cushion of our living room armchair got a rip. A bad one. On both sides of the cushion. grr. And it was beyond repair (think 6 plus inch tears). Fabric wasn’t available to fix the cushion and neither was a replacement chair. I did a little research and found that it would cost just as much to buy a new sofa as it was to reupholster what we had. And we wouldn’t be without living room furniture for a month and a half. It helped that we’d actually be purchasing a decent sofa this go round. Mid-May delivery and I can’t wait! But I digress.

So my plan to paint our bedroom became a plan to paint the entire house. Husband and I knew there was no possible way for me to paint our entire house. I painted our house before we had kids and felt confident that I could handle painting one room with our two kids floating around. But not the whole house. We hired a professional to paint and it was worth. every. last. cent.

The house was mad for about a week. Stuff was everywhere but I’m really pleased with the results.

Here’s our bedroom before:

Here’s our bedroom during:

And after:

What I did:

1. painted Sherwin Williams Destiny -it’s grey with a touch of red, making it kind of an orchid color – it’s fabulous!

2. replaced curtains

3. re-purposed tiles over sofa into a new headboard (there’s a third over the master bath tub)

4. removed quilt from wall (I never liked it there) and replaced with photography – from our wedding, no less

5. added some candles

6. covered cords on wall sconces (I hate cords)

7. made new pillows from some beautiful silk and velveteen fabrics*

7. recovering cushion on the bench with brown twill I already have (woot!) to match large chair in bay window

I have to say I now LOVE our bedroom. It’s my new favorite place!

* I was really nervous to cut into these fabrics. The fabric was expensive and I did not want to make any mistakes. Turns out luck was on my side.

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