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This pillow represents 291,000 seconds, 4,860 minutes, 567 miles, and 81 hours in my sons life.

It represents the end of a difficult journey and a door to new beginnings for him – one where school isn’t so difficult and learning is a joy.
It represents my child going from a struggling student to one that excels academically.
It represents a family doing the extra work for a child when a school refused to help.
It represents what and how a child should be taught versus what and how they are taught.
It represents a parent going to bat for a child and getting treated very badly for it.
It represents how an amazing Orton Gillingham tutor can LITERALLY change the life of a child.
It also represents me finding my voice, and sharing and supporting my knowledge with parents that are struggling with a diagnosis or a school.


But mostly, this pillow represents success for my son because success now means success later.

Painted Pillow Tutorial

For years I have said “You’re either the bird, or the windshield”. You want to be the bird. At least in my mind you want to be the bird. My take is that the bird leaves a mess on the windshield and flies away.

I suppose one could look at that statement and think “No, I want to be the windshield”, because in their version, the bird crashes into the windshield. It does happen, but my version is less traumatic for the bird and the windshield. The driver, too.

My book club friends and I use this phrase all. the. time. We shorten it and just say “Bird”. When something good happens you are the bird. When you get a job, you are the bird. When your kids make straight A’s, bird.  As a tribute to these girls, I made a bird pillow. It was so much fun to make!

Here are the steps to follow if you want to make your own, or any other pillow.

First, determine what size you want your pillow and your text. Open a word processing file (pages, word) or another program (I use Photoshop) and print out your text. I am using a graphic for the ‘i” but you can use any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols.


Next, tear off a piece of freezer paper and draw a straight line so your word will be level. Place the text under the freezer paper, being sure it’s aligned with the straight line you drew, and trace.


Using small scissors (they get around the little curves much better), cut out your word and iron it to the right side of your fabric.

Then paint. I used a black acrylic paint that is suitable for fabric. Not all acrylic paint is so please be sure to read carefully.IMG_2402web


Let the paint dry for a bit, and remember to put newspaper, scrap fabric, something under where you are painting so paint doesn’t get everywhere.


Finish your pillow with some bias cording, trim, anything and enjoy!


Monster Pillow

I have been absolutely in LOVE with the patterns from Don’t Look Now. I think they are adorable and really fresh. While at my favorite local quilt shop the other day I ran across the Little Monsters pattern and knew I just HAD to make it for Q Man. Then I got it home and took a long look at the pattern. Realizing it was a lot of applique I decided that a pillow was a safer option – I can finish a pillow, right? And I did….thank goodness for the satin stitch and fusible applique!

I do worry that the pillow has a white background. I know it’ll be a recipe for disaster one day, but for the time being I’ll just enjoy.

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Caffeine is my friend

I stopped drinking caffeine for a long time. Decaf coffee, no soft drinks.  Then I had a baby and I find that the afternoon boost is absolutely necessary. Instead of napping in the afternoon, I get a boost with my new favorite drug. It’s affordable. Legal. Tastes good as a latte or a diet coke. And, it keeps me going. By the time little mister is up from his nap, I’m ready to go again!  Off to the park. Playing with the boys down the street or just running around the yard.  Once dinner is cooked and cleaned, little mister is off to bed (well, shortly thereafter) and I can sew.

It’s my creative time, and while I wish I had more of it, I take what I can get. I am finally learning to prioritize.  And drink more caffeine. It’s tough to stick to one project, but I’m getting things finished. I promised myself I’d be a “closer” this year – I cannot start on a new project unless it was already slated to happen. I haven’t finished quite as much as I’d have liked, but this has kept me from having too many projects going on at one time (thank you MHfor the great idea!).  I do have a lot of quilt ideas and not enough time to execute. I have drawings everywhere so I can remember what I planned to do with scraps, or a particular fabric. Or, just because.  Or something looked cool. Or I found inspiration from the dove nesting on my deck.

I did just finish this pillow for little mister’s room.

Cute, huh?

This was an extra block from a project I was working on.  I decided a slightly different color scheme was more appealing to me, but what to do with the lone block? Oh, yeah! Make a pillow!  There are two black and white striped covered buttons keeping the back closed.

Now off to work on the next project. Or to clean. hmmm.