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I Built This

I’ve worked with four amazing neighbors over the last year and a half to bring a new playground to Inman Park. Meetings, fundraisers, grant writing – all for this incredible structure in the center of our neighborhood. I couldn’t be any more proud of our work and accomplishment.


The playground opened on this weekend. We took the kids there on Sunday for some fun.










How Does Your Garden Grow

I’ve been trying to get these photos up for weeks! Little Mister’s class took a field trip to Oakhurst Garden recently. It was a blast! The kids learned a lot and had such fun!

Q Man was sick that day so he got to come along with us.

The garden has a lot of beautiful details

A bee that even I can tolerate

Fruits, vegetables, herbs


An old wagon repurposed into a dragon flower bed (really, it’s adorable!)



And worms (yes, there is a worm from the compost pile in Little Mister’s hand)

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Yogurt….and hair

Q Man recently discovered yogurt. I was chowing down on some one day and he wanted a bite. Of course I gave him some which led me to give him his very own cup. In addition to yogurt being a tasty and delicious snack, it’s relatively healthy and gives Q Man an opportunity to work with a spoon.

It was a fun but messy adventure.

Yogurt was everywhere, including his hair.  Little Mister found it amusing.

Fast forward a few weeks, and more yogurt in the hair adventures, and I knew I had to cut Q Man’s hair.  I really didn’t want to do it but it was time. Here’s the before

And the after

I have to be honest – I cried a little when his hair was getting cut. I kept some of the curls, too. Q Man looks like a real little boy now. It’s bittersweet.

Little Mister got his hair cut, too; not that you can tell with his bike helmet

And I even managed to snap a cute photo of both boys. Yes, can you say Christmas card? LOL

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This weekend was the 40th anniversary of the Inman Park Festival and Tour of Homes. It’s a big deal and we take it very seriously around here. I was so outrageously excited about the festival this year I woke on Saturday singing Hail Thee Festival Day*. Seriously. Who does that?

This was (sadly) the first year I volunteered and it was a blast! I had SO much fun and worked with a very nice group of people. And the beer captain is a friend of mine so that made volunteering even better! The ability to volunteer for the festival really made me feel differently about my neighborhood – proud, happy, and involved. duh

The festival is a typical festival – yummy food that’ll clog your arteries, artwork, photography, arts, crafts – but as the kids get older and enjoy it more I enjoy it more. This year was the best festival yet!

Little Mister insisted on having his face painted and who am I to argue about that? He was very proud of his fire breathing dragon. It was really cute before getting smudged.

He danced the weekend away with his friends and was the honorary musician while the Squirrelheads played on Sunday.

Q Man and husband hung out under a tree and giggled.

I was happy to hang out with friends and enjoy a beer

I also walked the festival fifteen times, bought the 40th Anniversary t-shirts, cool artwork (this and this) and after wanting it for THREE years I finally bought my pink propane pig!

* I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite hymns.


Makin’ Stuff

It’s been a busy few weeks around here.

We spent a week visiting GrandDad and KK in DC.


Little Mister and I made chili and corn muffins for dinner tonight. *

I worked on a few projects.

We bought Little Mister some new shoes for his giant feet.

And we grew some more hair.  Okay, some height and weight, too.

* chili not pictured. I snapped several photos but couldn’t manage to make it look appetizing in any way. It looked like a big bowl of nasty.