Did you say leftovers?

I don’t know about you but I love leftovers. Leftover food? Yes, please. I’m happy to not make another meal. Leftover fabric? Absolutely! Let’s see how creative we can get. There’s a certain joy in taking leftover fabric and making something equally as stunning with leftovers. It really forces you to push your boundaries in the best ways.

Recently I finished Persephone Awaits. I know I keep saying this but it makes me smile. I love the color and depth and the ease putting it together. This quilt really comes together quickly.

I used an entire fat quarter bundle of Jennifer Sampou’s SKY Reflections collection to make Persephone Awaits. I’ve made several quilts using Jen’s fabrics and I absolutely love them.

I am not a solids girl, I like movement in my fabrics and this collection really hits several buttons for me – reads as solid, lots of movement, and the hand is lovely. They sew together nicely, and these fabrics are digitally printed so they are more environmentally friendly.

I took some of the leftovers from Persephone and created a half-rectangle triangle quilt. It was just as easy to piece and has such drama. I just love it and I hope you love this quilt as much as I do!

Persephone Had a Baby

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