Persephone Awaits

Close up of blocks

Recently I decided it was time to update my Bluegrass pattern into something a little easier. Scale it back so it’s more user friendly because the borders are (were) super challenging to make. Keep the fun, lose the dread. Besides, who doesn’t love a quilt with diamond blocks? Right?

Inspiration always hits in weird ways. I was noodling on the idea of how to update it when it occurred to me I could use some SKY ombré fabrics to make this quilt. A cohesive collection of fabric with so much variety. Let me just say, that decision did not disappoint. I absolutely love the movement, the color variations and the depth.

This quilt is easy to make. You can cut out the pieces and sew the blocks in a day or two. It’s a dramatic quilt that won’t break your resolve. It’s a breeze to put together, too! Seriously.

I’ve been sitting on this layout for a few days. Before I piece a quilt I like to look at the blocks in different light during the day. You catch different things you like or don’t like. I’m not a patient person so I hate the wait and the fuss but it’s always worth it in the end!

And the name? Well, I was sitting at my sewing machine looking at the colors in the blocks while I was piecing them. The name of this fabric collection is Reflections, and it’s inspired by nature, as if you are on the ground looking up. As I was thinking about what to name this quilt (I’m not the only one to think about that while I’m making a quilt, right?) I thought about that. Several possibilities came to mind and then Persephone popped into my head: Greek Goddess taken to the underworld by Hades – what if these were the colors she saw just before spring BURST open in all its glory? All while she waits patiently to leave the underworld.

I hope to have the pattern out soon. You’ll be the first to hear about it if you are signed up for my newsletter.

Happy piecing, y’all!

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