Italy Day 5

Day 5. Lucignano.

A small group of us went to Lucignano, an elliptical medieval village. We were there the last day of the Maggiolata Festival. Sadly, the festival was an evening event but we enjoyed how the village was decorated. You can read more about the festival here.

Lunch with a view.

And the food. Seriously, y’all. The food.

That evening we had a wine and truffle tasting in the cellar of the Villa. I’ve had truffles before but it’s usually a sprinkle since they are so expensive. Truffles are easy to find in Italy and they were so, so good! The image on the right shows some truffles pretty much right out of the ground.

They don’t make wine at the Villa any longer because it is too expensive to replace the wooden casks.

A little more roaming around the grounds.

Forced family photos. I think there’s a holiday card photo in here.

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