I am grateful that I’ve had creative, caring, generous women in my life since before my kids were born. Some of those women have helped guide me through marriage, kids, moving, growing, changing, creativity, and art. They’ve shared copious amounts of wisdom with me, and I’m grateful for that.

Before my oldest was born, one of those women made me two flannel swaddling blankets. She shared that the blankets she’d received were never *quite* large enough. And she was right! I struggled to get those small blankets around my boys! Admittedly, my kids were big babies but the blankets she gave me? They were perfect!

So cue the perfect quick gift for any new mother. Lightweight. Lovingly made. Great to swaddle, nurse under it, if that works for you. I’m fully on team feed your kid in the way that works best for your family. Fed is best. But also as babies get older these blankets are great to put down on the grass so baby has a small space to hang out, use it as a lightweight cover in a stroller and a million other things.

I serged the edges and made a quick hem.

Super simple. Super cute. Super functional. Hopefully, super loved.

Published by Patty Murphy

Designer. Quilter. Fabric Hoarder.

One thought on “Swaddle

  1. Yes, these blankets are great. I make mine 36″square. We (from New Orleans) call them Receiving Blankets. For summer babies I use plisse (seersucker). Used to find it at heirloom fabric stores, but those are long gone. Now Joann’s has seersucker for spring/summer in floral designs sometimes suitable for babies.

    Great idea to share! Debbie

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