Midnight at Mint

Last weekend my husband and I went to an opening at Mint Atlanta. The juried show is titled “Midnight” and this is what curator Jamaal Barber wrote about it:

“Midnight’s the only time where you can be both in the past, present, and future.”

In the depths of the night, we are alone with our thoughts. The daylight can distract and deflect away, but all truth gets revealed in the night’s solitude. Artists that can reflect on that moment create work infused with passion and honesty. In this exhibition, we seek work exploring the truths we only tell ourselves in the dark. How do we speak to ourselves about ourselves? What are our true desires? What or who do we really want the day to bring to us? 

Profound, right?

The show was lovely and filled my bucket. My friend, Mary, had a piece juried into the exhibit and I was thrilled to celebrate her that night.

Her piece is titled “Walking After Midnight”. The quilting represents the streets she walked along as a child, under the Atlanta moon.

Here are a few other pieces I loved:

In the Happy by Brian Brown
Have You Gained Weight? You Look Great by Corran Shrimpman
Unknown title and artist – wasn’t on the wall
Do They Treat Black Wings in Heaven How We Treat Black Skin by Orisha Nnani

If you live in Atlanta and have a chance to see the exhibit, I highly recommend it. Fill your bucket. Mint is in the West End so it’s easy to get there and has plenty of parking.


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