Big Big Print Zipper Pouch

This pouch screams TAKE ME TO THE BEACH! Seriously, this bag, cute suit, floppy hat, some kind of fruity drink and I’ll be set. And I don’t even like the beach.

I do, however, absolutely adore this color of Kraftex and I’ve been going through a lime/chartreuse/peridot phase for some time now. For a few years, actually. I think I’m clearly not going to outgrow it. I’m okay with that. I mean, this is a super happy color. Am I right?

Anyhow, through a comedy of errors last month and lost shipments, I wasn’t able to really make anything to show off the ruby red/marsala color Kraftex. I had a teeny scrap and made a teeny zipper pouch (that is totes adorbs) so this month I decided that, to celebrate all the isms, like lost shipments, I would make a giant zipper pouch. I’m kinda in love with it, to be honest and I knew EXACTLY what fabric to use to make it, too!

As always, there’s a story behind the fabric.

My great aunt grew up in Miami and was an accomplished dressmaker. She had a big personality and had big, fun prints that matched it! To this day I swear she had a rock mounted into a ring – like a rock she found on the ground made into a ring – and she wore bright clothes and leopard print heels well until her 70s (I think she was in her 70s). She was always the life of the crowd and would cuddle up in a big chair with my grandmother and giggle for an entire evening!

My great aunt passed away many years ago and I was the fortunate recipient of some of her fabric collection, including a large stack of Key West Prints. Key West Prints is known for making Lilly Pulitzers fabrics. I am the proud owner of quite a few pieces and some actual yardage of the vintage stuff, y’all!.

I’m VERY particular about cutting into my stash because I love it so, but this green Kraftex and the vision of a giant pouch definitely called my name. Besides, this is a great way to make a zipper pouch and show off a large print.

In retrospect, I wish this was shorter and fatter but, nonetheless, I still love it! I also wished I’d added a handle. Oh, well.

You can follow any zipper pouch tutorial to make this.

From the Kraftex you will need to cut:
2 – 9” x 18” pieces

From the outer fabric you will need to cut:
2 – 11.5” x 18” pieces

For the lining cut:
2 – 20” x 18” pieces of fabric

You’ll also need a zipper. I used 22” zipper and cut it to size.

You will sew the outer fabric to the Kraftex then assemble. I cut 3” squares on the bottoms for my gussets. The pouch finishes at 19.5” x 17.5” (or whatever size you decide to make it).

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