Mini Zipper Pouch

Is this the cutest little pouch or what?! Oh. Em. Gee. It makes me smile. In fact, it’s mean to hold lipstick in my purse (not that I’m going anywhere) but it’s still sitting on a shelf in my sewing room so I can smile when I look at it. I can’t quite bring myself to part with the pouch, though. It’s so tiny and cute and just…gah! adorableness.

I always have these little scraps of Kraftex and never quite know what to do with them. This month, I decided to put the scraps to use and made this pouch. I used the tutorial here and, well, I should have read through the entire thing first. I wanted the basic dimensions so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel buuuttttt I kinda didn’t read ahead so when I cut a 1” square from the corners for my gussets, guess who didn’t have enough Kraftex fabric to go up the sides of the pouch? Yep. This girl. So, it’s a sturdy base. haha

And, really, that’s fine but I was going for a slightly different look and didn’t get it.

If you want to make this pouch so the Kraftex goes up the side of the zipper pouch, I recommend you cut the Kraftex about 2 3/4” (or so) high then add a contrasting piece of fabric at the top.

This would also make a darling gift card holder for anyone wanting to mix a handmade item into a gift.

Enjoy the cuteness.

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