More Scrap Quilts

I have been busy sorting and cutting my scraps. I have entirely too many. A friend of mine suggested I toss them. Can you believe that?! I scoffed that the idea. It did, however, encourage me to start using them. Maybe.

I’m going on a quilt retreat in a few weeks so my plan is to cut now and so I can spend almost 3 days sewing. Sounds like a plan, eh?

I’m starting with this pile.


and cutting my strips to 1 1/4″ each.


It’s a weird size, I know. Not all of my scraps were large enough to make 1 1/2″ strips and I decided 1″ strips would be too small to deal with once they were pieced. I see no reason to have finished 1/2″ strips for this. That makes for precise work and a lot of sewing for what should be a quick and easy log cabin quilt.

The centers will be dark grey because: why not. Ready to get started but I think I have 2 other tops ahead of it. Maybe? I’m starting to lose count….

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