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I pulled out my favorite sweater the other day and it had a hole. I was unbelievably bummed. I decided that, instead of tossing the sweater or taking it to the Salvation Army for someone to mend (G-d forbid I mend it, right?), that I should turn it into a tablet cover. I can repurpose something and keep my favorite sweater near, even if in parts.

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I measured my tablet and added a small seam allowance before cutting my sweater apart. I grabbed some black interfacing to stabilize the back side of each piece I cut. The cover of the tablet had the hole so I appliquéd wool hearts and added a blanket stitch. Note: the blanket stitch took longer to do than sewing the rest of the cover.

FullSizeRender 7


Once I had the applique attached, I cut my cover to size. I cut two pieces of lining fabric and sewed on a zipper.


I turned the cover right side out, pressed the opening in the lining (along one side inside the cover) and voila!

FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 5

It is important to note that I measured incorrectly. I needed an extra half inch or so for my tablet so cut slightly generously. My mistake did work out well for my mother-in-law. She needed a tablet cover and this fit hers perfectly! I’m bummed that the cover didn’t work for me but I’m happy it’s in a good home and will be well loved.

UPDATE: I’ve been asked for a pattern so I’ll post that soon. Shouldn’t take too long since I still need a tablet cover. sigh…

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