Two For Tee Pee

I love any reason to sew – especially when children and fundraisers are involved. The boys’ school has an auction every spring and each class makes a class project. They are always so adorable!  Last year I made this and it’s still a favorite. Sadly, my friend Barb is the happy owner. Guess I should make a new one. But, I digress.

This year I thought it would be fun to make a tee pee. My friend, Julia, found a pattern a few years ago then decided to make her own. Of course. Her tee pee was adorable and she was kind enough to let me use her pattern.

Putting the tee pee together was SO quick and easy. I did modify it a bit, though. Julia used French seams for the openings. I serged all the parts of mine together.


Julia used grommets and leather cording to close the tee pee. I reinforced the back of the opening with woven fusible then used large eyelets and 5/8″ ribbon to close.


I used acrylic paint and had each child put their handprints and footprints on the tee pee.

Close up of the footprints.

Little Mister told me that I was not to come home without the tee pee in hand. He was THRILLED when I told him that it was his. So far it’s been a good investment – Sean loves to play with it and buying the darn thing benefited the boys’ school.

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