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New Cushions!!! finally

I was all “I’m gonna sew the day away and keep making great progress on the quilt on my design wall” last night; and this morning that changed to “Yeah, but if you go ahead and knock out the cushion covers you’ll actually FINISH something today”…
And that’s just what I did!

Now, I have to admit, somewhat sheepishly, that I bought ALL the supplies in July. July, y’all! And I’m just getting these made. Sheesh!


But! They look ah-mazing!! Yes, I should have matched the print on the boxing BUT I didn’t think about that ahead of time (I was ALL inspired, y’all!) so I just made do with what I had. I mean, they’re finished, so it’s a win in my book. Just don’t point that out to me because I’ll cut you. But not with my fabric scissors 😂😂😂

The fabric is from @dwellstudio and I absolute lerv it!! Even husband was on board and I was certain he’d object.


We picked up these chairs 5 1/2 years ago at @kudzuandcompany, a cute antique shop near here. They are super cool, crazy comfy, and look really great by the fireplace in our kitchen. It’s the perfect spot to relax, get warm, and enjoy a warm, adult beverage in the winter.


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Hello, corkboard

Part of my great laundry room make over was to hang a corkboard. I want a place to display my kids’ artwork so
everyone can see but I don’t want it on my refrigerator.

I bought the least expensive corkboard I could find. In retrospect I would have spent a little more money if I’d known that the cork was thin and the frame plastic. Since I was covering it, I made lemonade.

I had the fabric, but did have to buy the nailhead trim. It’s the fake every-four-spaces-is-a-real-nailhead kind of nailhead trim. Not what I’d use for fine upholstery but perfect for this. I’m pretty happy. Now if I could just find my thumbtacks!


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Laundry Room Makeover, part two

I’m making good progress on the laundry room project. I still have work to do – mud a wall, paint the ceiling, and trim, but I’m no longer embarrassed to have the door open. A work in progress is better than the disaster that was previously there.20140304-082425.jpg


I’m really pleased with the shelving. Not the best photo, but this shelving from Home Depot is exactly like the more expensive shelving from this store (which I love, but hey, it’s a laundry room). 20140304-082522.jpg

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Show Your Laundry Some Love

My laundry room is just off the kitchen, which is great, and when the door is open lots of beautiful light comes in. There’s only one problem. It’s ugly. I mean, like, really, seriously ugly.

We knew that when we bought the house, obviously, and for the last eleven months I’ve kept the door shut when we have company. The room is big, and functions, but I’m ashamed of it. So sad.

Since I need a new project like a hole in my head, I decided to tackle the room last week.


Peeling chartreuse paint, a huge board that was screwed and glued to the wall, an original 1980 shelf that sags in the middle, and a misplaced cabinet that really doesn’t help my storage at all.



Wallpaper and board along left wall have been removed and sanded, cabinet and shelf leave, and the cork board (also glued) under the window removed. Oh, and all the randomly placed shelving is gone, too. Keep it simple, people.




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Kitchen, and done!

I don’t think I’ll ever have my kitchen clean enough to snap a photo with the new painted cabinets and new backsplash, so I’m cutting my losses early.
The backsplash was finished a week and a half ago. Also, notice the subtle metal trim along the top of the cabinets. After the popcorn was removed from the kitchen ceilings there was a sizable gap between the ceiling and cabinets – a whole finger could fit in the space, and that was a huge gap to fill with caulk. So, we added a cool metal trim. It’s subtle, easy, and a fun, modern twist.

I think I’m in love!


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When in Doubt, Use Bondo

I’ve spent five hours over the last two days sanding the cabinet grooves. The cabinet boxes in our house are original. They are well built and in good condition. Unfortunately, an entire kitchen remodel isn’t in the budget right now so painting the cabinets will be a step in the right direction of liking this space more.

The cabinet boxes have 1980 grooves in them. There is nothing wrong with the grooves, they just aren’t our style. After a lot of research, husband and I found that Bondo – yep! the stuff to fix cars – was the perfect filler for the grooves. It’s impervious to water, and won’t shrink over time. It’s also easy to use, but I will tell you that it smells awful! If you ever use it to fix cabinetry I learned during the second application to spread it on at a 45 degree angle so the grooves will fill. Once the stuff is dry, sand like you’ve never sanded before. You will need an orbital sander, or palm sander, for this job. Be sure to hang drop cloths and wear a mask.

Priming begins tonight, and if I’m really on the ball I’ll get on the first coat if paint. Fingers crossed.

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The Doors

Husband and I discussed having the kitchen cabinets painted when we moved into this house. We got quotes for several thousand dollars. Given what we knew we wanted to do to the rest of the house, we decided to hold off on that project.

I’ve been researching painting kitchen cabinets for nine. long. months.

I’m finally doing it, and the doors look incredible. I’m not that far into painting yet. We wanted to put the paint on a few doors to make sure we liked it first. I have a lot of work to do by Christmas, but I’m confident that a few sleepless nights and a lot of manual labor will give me a mini makeover that we love! Here’s a sneak peak:


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Renovation, Part 5, Dining Room and Kitchen


Sad light fixture in the dining room, drab blue walls with flat linen bottom AND railings (ew!), a wall, carpet




can lights, sad track light, almond appliances





We found three layers of wallpaper on the walls that we had to remove.






new paint, new light fixtures, hardwoods, new outlet covers (sweet husband actually replaced all the light and outlet covers in the ENTIRE house!)


new fan in the kitchen and great view to the screed in porch


new lighting


next step : paint the cabinets

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Renovation, Part 4, Foyer and Living Room

We fell in love with the space of the house the minute we walked in the door. We also knew that some of the things we didn’t care for, like the chandelier and the handrails, could be replaced.


Iron chandelier (it weighed a metric ton!), too traditional handrails in a contemporary house.


exposed cedar beam and posts had been painted (WHO does that?!!)





New light, new handrails and posts, refaced the cedar beam.


removed the two columns in the hallway. Note – the hallway had hardwood flooring so we matched the flooring in the living room and dining room to that. It’s not what we would have chosen, but we didn’t want to rip out hardwood flooring.


Buh-bye carpet!





Hardwoods and furniture. Also, I realized I hung the photos on the far wall too high so they are now 5 inches lower! Looks much better, I promise!



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Renovation, Part 3, Boys Bathroom


Purple and chartreuse walls, navy cabinet base with brass knobs,spring tension curtain rod, carpet,brass fixtures hung entirely too high (see the two white spots? that’s spackle to fix holes where the towel holder was hanging).




painting cabinet base flat black


fresh coat of paint



New fixtures at appropriate heights, hardwoods extending into the first half of the bath.