Aether Time Lapse

Good Morning, friends! I’ve made a lot of new sewing friends lately and want to share a time lapse video of when Aether was coming together. 37 seconds of happiness. If you are new to my blog, welcome. I’m happy to meet you and I’m glad you are here. If you’ve been here a while, thanks for sticking around. To everyone, I appreciate your support!

I love this video because I think you get a good sense of the color and how it flows from orange peel to orange peel and block to block. There was a lot of fiddling with this quilt to get the color to work. In fact, I cut out a lot of orange peels that I didn’t use. Remember, it’s okay to play! Cut up the fabric. If you don’t use it, you can put it on the back, make a pillow or hold onto it for another day, like I’m doing. I *think* I have a plan for those coming together.

I want to share one tip about putting this quilt together: when you pick/cut your background squares, pick a hue slightly lighter than you think you need. When I was designing the quilt I originally matched the background squares to the orange peels. When I stood back, really dark squares in the blue, green, and burgundy families screamed at me and I could immediately tell I needed to choose a slightly lighter color.

Have you made an Aether Quilt? I’d love to see it!

Have questions? Please ask! I’m happy to help.

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  1. I love your Aether Quilt Pattern. Here is my version. This was my first and will not be my last. Thank you for sharing your pattern. 


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