Kraftex Luggage Tag

One day, hopefully in the near-ish future, we’ll all be able to travel safely again. I miss vacations and people that don’t live near me. I miss Quilt Market and traveling to teach, too.

But like all things there are silver linings. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my family and my house has never been more organized.

This month, I made a quick and easy luggage tag. It’s perfect for a variety of bags to claim them as yours – they aren’t just for luggage!

To start, I drew a 3” x 4” rectangle on a piece of comic book board. Draw the shape on whatever you have at home – a cereal box, paper, card stock, etc. I measured in 3/8” from each corner and drew a line to create an angle.

Cut out the rectangle and trace the shape twice onto Kraftex. Cut out the pieces. Draw a line 3/4” around all sides on ONE of the pieces. Cut out around the lines to create the front window piece.

I didn’t have any clear plastic on hand so I wrote on my tag and sewed it into the front piece. If you have clear plastic, you can sew it on the front piece so you can change the information in the tag when something changes.

Cut a 1” x 5.5” strip of Kraftex and cut a slit in the center. Be sure to leave space at the top and bottom. I eyeballed the cut and tried to leave about a half inch on either side.

Layer the pieces together, making sure the piece that will be used to attach the tag to your bag is in the middle. Use clips to secure the pieces and sew around the edges.


If you use plastic on the front so you can slip information between the front and back of the tag, sew the hang part (I have no idea what to call that piece) to the top then sew the back of the tag to the front, making sure you leave space so you can insert a piece of paper with all your information.

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Designer. Quilter. Fabric Hoarder.

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