Kraft-tex Business Card Holder

Kraft-Tex in Greenery

Have you heard of Kraft-tex? It’s a really cool substrate that looks, feels and wears like leather but it cuts, sews, and washes like fabric. I recently made an iPad case (I’ll post about that soon), and this morning I whipped out a little business card holder.

I’ve needed a business card holder for a while. I usually keep cards in a side pocket in my purse but that’s an invitation for them to get bent, warped, and misplaced. Last week, I dropped them all over my kitchen floor and decided enough was enough while I was picking them up with a 90 pound dog in the way, stepping on my hands, and licking my face.

Kraft-tex comes in a variety of colors, so if you don’t like lime green you can use black, brown, white, or any of these lovelies.

Kraft-Tex colors

I wanted a color that would stand out in the bottom of my purse, I happen to like lime green, and the pink stands out against it, too!

To start, measure your business cards. Mine are 2” square. I knew I wanted to be able to keep a decent stack of cards with me, and needed to allow for that when I cut into the Kraft-tex, especially since I usually I cut things too small.

I gave myself a 3/4” seam allowance on each the left and right sides, and a 1/2” seam allowance for each the top and bottom. I cut 2 pieces of Kraft-tex 3 1/2” x 3”. Cut two pieces so you have a front and a back for your business card holder.

In order to get the cards out a little more easily, I decided to cut the top piece using my dressmaker’s curve. You don’t have to use this tool if you don’t have it. You can cut the top piece on an angle, make a “v”, or do nothing at all. I wanted to make sure I didn’t struggle to get out a card like when you need to show your id at the store and cannot get the card from your wallet.

Trim ONE side, if desired, using a dressmaker’s curve or cut on an angle

Once the top piece had a curve cut into it, I put the two pieces together and secured them with Wonder Clips. I put a size 90 needle in my machine and used a triple stitch using 50 weight Aurifil color 4020.

Secure pieces together using Wonder Clips
Sew pieces together using a triple stitch

Once the business card holder was finished, with cards inside, I decided it needed a little something else. This was just too plain for me. Because I’d already finished (foresight would have been a good idea here), I knew I needed to print something to place on top. I wanted something subtle, so I pulled out my Lutradur and printed my logo on it. I cut out the logo, and glued it on the front.

Liquid stitch and paintbrush to glue logo to front of business card holder


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