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What a week it’s been! Wow! Thanks for all the love, y’all! The week was such a success and I couldn’t have done it without C&T Publishing, AnneMarie, Jodie, Teri at GenQ, Sandi, Mary, and Kristin. Really big thanks to each of you!

My biggest tip to share is to ask for help. I mean – How easy is that!? Seriously, though. When I first started to quilt I always asked my mom but not everyone has a mom that sews, or is near. However,  if you are fortunate enough, your local quilt shop has staff on hand to help you work through your problems. Yes, it means another trip out, and you might come home with more fabric but getting inspired while getting help is fun! And I promise they LOVE to help figure out your quilting problems! If the shop can’t help, they will find someone that can. Honest.

If you don’t have a quilt shop near you, go online to see if you can find the answer to your problem, or send a message to a quilter via a blog or read a book – perhaps, mine?  A little time to noodle on the issue might work for you, too. Don’t be afraid to explore possibilities. And if you are worried about messing up your favorite piece of fabric, experiment with some muslin, or old scraps until you’ve solved your problem.

Most importantly, remember it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s how we learn. I have quilts riddled with errors and almost every quilt I make throws me for a loop at some point or another – I really should plan more! But I’ve learned a lot. Some of my (ahem) older friends have been a valuable source of knowledge, too.


C&T is giving away one copy at each stop along the way and today is your last chance to win a copy of Piecing Makeover  for yourself (printed copy in the U.S. and e-book outside the States). Leave a comment on the blog and we will announce the winners tomorrow.

Here’s the list again so you can check to see if you have won on another page. Winners will be chosen at random using random.org number generator.

9/13  AnneMarie Chany http://www.genxquilters.com/
9/15 Teri Lucas/Gen Q Magazine  http://generationqmagazine.com/
9/16 Sandi Hazlewood http://www.craftyplanner.com/
9/18 Kristin Esser https://kristinesser.com/
Happy piecing, everyone!

*edited on 9/20 – Congratulations to Sally for winning a copy of Piecing Makeover!

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25 thoughts on “Piecing Makeover Blog Book Tour + Giveaway

  1. Thank you to all the Bloggers that participated in this Hop! Was so full of info… and Fun!! I neeeed this Book..cause I need lotsa help!!! giggle… Thank you for chance to win your Awesome Book!! 🙂

  2. Your book is such an important topic. I’ve been a longarm quilter for many years and try to give gentle tips if a quilter indicates frustration with accuracy. I’ve certainly learned the value of paying attention to piecing details in my own quilts.

  3. Patty, thanks so much for writing this book! I’ve sewn all my life (QUITE a long time :), but quilting is something new and has been more challenging than I expected. Your new book looks like just what I need to jump from the garment world to the quilting world more smoothly and with much less aggravation!

  4. Sure wish there was a local shop where I could go for help. Your book fills a niche in our world as the lqs seems to be an endangered species.

  5. I’ve loved reading all the teasers on the blogs….can’t wait to read the book cover to cover. I recommended it to our local library to order. It sounds like a great resource.

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