Mid Century Modern Quilt

Since I’m knocking things off my list, here’s another.

Husband doesn’t get excited about quilts the same way I do, but when I showed him this one, and told him I wanted to make it for our bedroom he was all for it.


A trip to my favorite quilt shop to pick up a collection of Kona cottons, and I was good to go!

Originally, I planned to have the quilt drop to the floor, but I didn’t like it. So, I hacked off eight-ish inches on each side to get a drop I was happy with. Now, that fabric was sure as heck not going to go to waste, so I pieced parts into the back, some became strips on the pillows, and the rest I used to make cording for the pillows. Nice accent, huh? Oh, and the print outs above my bed? I saw something similar on Etsy, but couldn’t pay $15/each when I knew I could make them with scrapbook paper from Michael’s, and some inexpensive frames from IKEA.  Until we finish building our headboard it will be just fine. And the cool prints on the right? You can get those here. I LOVE this guys artwork!


The back was almost as much work as the top, and I love it! The polka dot is a fabric that I found here. It’s on the back of the Euro pillows and it cost a pretty penny, so I used every inch I had. I smile looking at it, and think it’s great that my bed will (maybe) look mostly made even when it’s not. Ha!


My friend, Regina, quilted this for me. It’s got a mid century pantograph, and orange thread. I’ll get a close up soon.

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