Flying Geese Christmas Quilt, take 1

Husband and I had some dear friends get married in December 2012. The bride absolutely adores Christmas, hence the holiday wedding, and so it seemed appropriate to make a Christmas quilt for their wedding present.

Fast forward two years (yes, I still blame the delay on our move and renovation), and I’m finally starting. I plan to have two size geese, and a few other details that I’m not disclosing just yet.

I decided to challenge myself and not buy any fabric. I have to admit I was a little worried since tend to buy blue and orange fabric en masse. The good news, and the bad news, is that I managed to pull it off! Yep. I have enough fabric to piece an approximately 70×80 scrap quilt.


Bonus: I have 5 yards of Christmas flannel that I bought on sale 7 or so years ago. Our friends live in Charm City so I know the extra weight will come in handy during the holidays.

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