It’s in the bag

The last day of school is next Monday. It’s been a great year for us and I’m sad to be leaving his class. Little Mister had the best teachers this year! I just loved them! As a small token of my appreciation and eternal gratitude I made tote bags for them.

I was sneaky and found their favorite colors. The totes are 15″ wide by 16″ high, have a 4″ base, can fold up nice and small so they are great to pack in your suitcase* and they are machine washable.

I didn’t use a pattern but did get inspiration from a Heather Bailey pattern. Her pattern has a flap on the front so you can fold up the bag into an itty bitty packet. I didn’t do that. I also didn’t put any pockets inside the tote. In retrospect it may have been a good idea but sometimes a tote bag without too much fun is the perfect bag to take on an outing*.

*I just found out yesterday that BOTH teachers are taking amazing trips overseas this summer so a tote like this may be a perfect for their travels! And it’s okay if the bags don’t make the cut, too.

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