I like to make gifts. It’s fun, WAY more personal and often much less expensive. Okay, well sort of. If you factor in time it’s more expensive, but hey! a one of a kind gift is priceless.

I always peruse catalogs, brochures, etc. to find inspiration. I tear out anything that catches my eye and put it into my inspiration book. The book is full of clothing ideas, quilt ideas, helpful hints, photos I like – you name it. When I need a gift idea or “inspiration” (yeah, really creative name for the book, huh?) I flip through my book(s) to find it. Sometimes I just need some eye candy and I find staring at George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey and the other McHotties brings a smile to my face.  I digress.

There is one particular kids clothing line that I just love and I recently hosted a trunk show at my house. The clothes are absolutely adorable and make perfect gifts.  Many of the items they offer are easy for me to copy – can you say hello adorable appliqued  shirt? Yeah,  that’s a good thing since along with all the cuteness comes the hefty price tag.

Little mister has several girlfriends with upcoming birthdays. Sooo, I had to make this girls scarf.  I loaded up the kids this morning and we went to my favorite quilt shop.  I let little mister pick out the fabrics. He did pretty well. Patty Young’s knits – bright, fun colors. I was sort of surprised, and pleased, with what he chose.

Here’s what I managed to make during nap time today. It took about 30 minutes to cut out all the parts and assemble. Cute, easy, quick – fabulous!

detail of the ruffled edge

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Designer. Quilter. Fabric Hoarder.

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