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Last fall a lovely woman asked me to make a quilt for her daughter for Christmas. Her daughter had recently gone off to college and she wanted to make her high school t shirts into a quilt. I was happy to make it for her, and I love making t shirt quilts. She picked up the quilt a few days before Christmas. She promised me she’d email and let me know what her daughter thought and send  a photo.  As promised she sent such a kind email I thought I’d share it.

Here it is:

Happy New Year, Patty!  I bet you thought I forgot to send this!  I have
been trying since Christmas to get the quilt, my camera, and L with
her hair combed all in one place to take this picture!
Patty, she absolutely LOVES it – she was blown away when she opened it and
realized what it was – then the more she looked, the more amazed she was at
the work you put into the quilt.  Every time we look at it we talk about how
intricately the pieces fit together and the color combinations, and each
time we find some new piece we hadn’t noticed before.

Your work is fabulous, amazing, incredible – more than I ever imagined!  You
should be so proud to put these works out into the world – please know that
this one is loved and will be loved for many, many years.   I am driving
L back to Illinois this weekend and the quilt will be going with her –
all her friends agree it is the best gift ever!

I hope you don’t mind if I give your name out – know you’ll be busy with the
new baby in March, but please keep me in your email list if you ever have
any shows or contests – I will be there rooting for you!

Good luck, and many, many thanks – D

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