Okay, so it’s not autumn but I am working on a fall themed quilt so I yearn for the crisp mornings and changing leaves.
K was married in the fall, and it’s her favorite season, so we have a themed autograph quilt. What a great idea in lieu of a signing book!
We might tweek it a bit, but this is the rough draft. I emailed a photo to her today and hopefully she’ll like it. I’m fond of the quilt and like her
color choices. The ladies at Little Quilts and Tiny Stitches helped her pick a lovely selection.
In other news, we returned from Nashville on Monday. All three of us were exhausted, but had a good time. S had a good time playing with his cousin.
Husband and I had a good time with our nephew. It’s hard to believe that little mister was that small just ten short months ago.

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