I’m a lab rat!

S participated in his first research study last Monday at Emory. We were asked to participate in a study at the Spatial Cognition Laboratory. He watched a short film that showed clips of rectangles – different sizes, colors and patterns. It took about fifteen minutes from the time we arriveduntil we left. Little Mister received a certificate and a cute t-shirt with, what else? A space ship on the front. Get it – spatial??
We woke up to snow this morning. A light dusting. Boy, was I surprised! I thought my eyes hadn’t adjusted to the very early morning light. It’s a bright, sunny day here in Atlanta. A nice breeze is blowing and it’s very cold here today. We ran a few errands because we had to, but pretty much plan to hunker down for the
remainder of the day, which is good because I have to sew sleeves to the back of a quilt in order for it to go in the Bulloch Hall Show.
I did get B’s quilts finished and off to her.
And number two:
She loves the quilts! I am very happy about that.
My Hawaiian Star class is going to take. I’m pretty excited about that. I took a workshop with Judy Neimeyer a few weeks ago
and learned a lot of tricks. I know it will help me teach her patterns in class. I am currently working on her pattern Sea Urchins.

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