I’ve been trying to clean my sewing, er craft, room*. It’s a giant disaster. I ran across this quilt I designed and made for an advanced paper piecing class at my local quilt shop. I hope to get that class back on the schedule early next spring.

I really love this quilt and it was great fun to make! It is square, and does lie flat even though it looks a little wonky in the photo. It’s been folded up for a while and I was too lazy to press it.


I also managed to get Q man’s quilt out of my sewing, er, craft room and basted! Whoo-hoo! I spent a little over an hour on my kitchen floor yesterday basting and  had just enough time to get it finished while both kids napped.  I have an assortment of perle cotton thread ready to go – some variegated, some solid-  so I can start quilting it. I need to start working on a different project anyhow and see nothing wrong with working on three hand quilted pieces. It’s been so  darn cold here that I might just finish one or two of them before spring.

* We now have a craft room. This room was once solely dedicated to my sewing adventures then husband decided he wanted some space to build model ships. I lost a third of my space but do enjoy it when I have company in our small room. We can contain our messes here and close the door so no one will see.

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