Shine on little shoes, shine on

My best friend has four year old twins. One of twins is a purse girl. She loves shoes, clothes, purses, you name it. Recently she found some bejeweled Converse shoes that were outrageously priced. Best friend called me to see if I could reproduce the shoes.

Of course I’ll do anything for her and her children, so few Swarowski crystals, ribbon and glue did the trick. I took the shoes to best friend on Sunday. The twins’ birthday party was a blast and little miss chose her outfit based on what would go with the shoes. Is that cute or what?!


The shoes are on top of some receiving blankets I made for my cousin. She’s having a baby girl in January. Cousin asked me what some of my favorite things were when I had a newborn. I had to say that one of my favorite gifts were some receiving blankets a quilter friend made for me. The blankets were larger than those you get at the baby superstore so swaddling was easier because I could wrap the daylights out of little mister. I called it making him a taco.


Cousin is decorating the nursery in bright pink, orange and green so I thought the flannel I chose would work nicely for her. Now if I can just get the darn blankets in the mail!

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