October 29, 2007

I finished the quilt for S today. It looks so good, and I think she’ll be really pleased. The quilt is appropriately named “Million Babies”. Each square is a collage of photos that Dr. T has collected over the years.  He delivered all the children in the photos. It’s pretty amazing to see how many children one man has helped bring into the world. I imagine it’s incredibly gratifying. What an amazing profession.


Here’s a close up


In other news, we started S on solids on Friday.  He was very excited to try out the high chair.


And not so excited to try the rice cereal and formula, especially since he doesn’t eat formula. Is that a face, or what??!


We give rice cereal to him for dinner right now.  Husband and I figure that we should only torture him for one meal a day. We’re pleased if he takes two teaspoons. Baby steps, right? There is comfort knowing that he’ll go to kindergarten eating and drinking on his own. Oh, how quickly they do grow.

2 thoughts on “October 29, 2007

  1. Patty, your mom sent me your blog site and I am enjoying reading it. Your quilts are beautiful. And it’s fun to see the pictures of Sean – how he is growing! I remember mixing applesauce with that rice cereal, that was Melissa’s favorite way to eat it.
    Joy B. (Blairsville)

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