Perfect Piecing Pocket Guide

Have you seen it?! My newest book, The Perfect Piecing Pocket Guide is here!

First things first: it’s cute and small. It’s meant to go into your sewing bag when you head to a retreat or class. It’s the perfect quick reference for any quilter.

Second, like my first book, this one is full of photos and tips. As a friend of mine used to say, it hits the high spots with the most used blocks quilters tend to make. Remember, it’s a pocket guide so it won’t have all the information that my first book, Piecing Makeover, has in it but it has most everything you need to get out of a quilting jam.

You can order signed copies through my store, at C&T, Amazon, Wal-MartTarget, or Barnes and Noble.

It’s a perfect gift for quilting holiday exchanges or a stocking stuffer!

Happy Piecing, everyone!

Published by Patty Murphy

Designer. Quilter. Fabric Hoarder.

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