Companion Patterns

The format for these patterns is different than traditional patterns. Usually patterns give you ALL the information you need to accurately cut, piece, and assemble a quilt. And that’s pretty fabulous, right? You see a quilt you like, you buy fabric and you get to make it. Super easy, the math is done for you, and you get some handy-dandy directions to go with it. Of course that means I need to change things up…but only a little bit.

With each pattern on this page, I will supply you with yardage and general directions to make the quilt but I’m leaving some of the work to you. You WILL need my book, Piecing Makeover, to figure out the missing pieces and make each quilt.

What’s the reason I am doing this weird thing? Well, think of it as a bridge. I frequently have students ask if quilts are my design or a pattern. Many times upon learning a quilt is my own design, they tell me they wish they could design their own quilts, they feel they lack confidence with piecing, they are just scared to try, or some combination thereof. Nothing is worse than having an idea for a quilt in your head and not being able to execute it, or wanting to modify a pattern and not knowing how. Piecing Makeover and the patterns here are tools to help you build your confidence, help your increase your quilting math skills, and tackle (and overcome) some common problems.

The key is that these patterns give you a starting point and a safe ledge to jump from to do it. For example, with the pattern for Ode to Insanity, I tell you to make 252 Half Square Triangle units that finish at 2 1/2″ each, but I don’t tell you what size to CUT the squares when you start piecing. If you read my book, and put the information in there to use, i.e. math, you can figure it out. The same is true for borders. If you read the chapter about borders in my book you can figure out how to measure and cut the borders to the right length (I give you the width).

With most of these quilts, you’ll work on something specific to hone that skill. Ode to Insanity is made entirely of Half Square Triangles, and I have a few more quilts coming down the pipeline that will have you work on checkerboards (modified 9-patch) and other techniques, growing into some more advanced skills like machine piecing hexagons.

My reason for doing this is to empower quilters with knowledge to start their journey to make unique creations, modify patterns, and generally make the piecing process less daunting, especially for beginners. I think having a companion pattern and being challenged to figure out some of the math and techniques will grow confidence and make stronger, happier quilters.

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to me.

Happy Piecing!

Ode to Insanity

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