We all need some good luck

I’ll admit. The last few months have been hard, and when I was trying to figure out what to do with my Saffron Kraftex, I really found myself struggling.

I’m in the middle of a HUGE project, my kids are bored, and I’m ready to get back to “normal”, whatever that is. I have serious concerns about the upcoming school year, and really, feel like we could all use a little good luck these days. And yes, we’ve pretty much self isolated since March and ALWAYS wear a mask when we have to leave the house, but still, I miss my friends. My kids miss their friends, as well.

As my mind mulled over school and luck, something was triggered in my subconscious and I started to think about the paper fortune tellers I used to make as a kid. Remember those? Folding paper and writing little isms on the inside flaps? They always brought me such happiness.

So, I decided to make one. What’s given me the most joy about this little project, in addition to how ridiculously easy it is to make, is that my husband has been most amused by it. He was VERY eager to see what luck he’d have today.

If you’ve never made a paper fortune teller or need a refresher, I thought this was a great tutorial https://www.origamiway.com/how-to-make-a-paper-fortune-teller.shtml

Have fun, decorate it any way you’d like, and may luck and good fortune always be on your side.

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