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When I think of denim, I think of jeans. They are a staple in my closet. In fact, my husband says I have too many, but I don’t think that’s possible, really. Naturally when I found out that the March Kraftex color was denim, my mind immediately went to jeans and, knowing I wasn’t going to make a pair of jeans, I decided to make jeans to store my odds and ends. I mean? Where else do I store my knitting needles? (I knit once. It was a scarf for my grandpa.)

I went online and found some graphics I liked so I could enlarge them. My jeans, skirt and jacket are all about 9” high and do just fine. If I’d thought about it a smidge more I would have made one pair jeans that are really big to store more things. If you do make this little craft, think ahead about that.

Anyhoo, I printed my pieces, cut them out, traced them onto Kraftex, cut that out, and drew on the top piece so you could tell what I was making.

M&M’s for mental health, of course

Make sure you cut out TWO of each shape so you can make a little pocket. Sew around the edges, then attach to some ribbon or string.

With my leftover bits I made tiny jeans to put onto clothes pins because, well, why not?

I don’t need zippers often, so I put the few that I have in the skirt, knitting needles and a few other things are stored in pant legs, and the thread I used to hem jeans (blue and gold) are both tucked into the jacket.

I struggled to get a decent photo of all the items together…..sorry about that.

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