The Tale of Hatty* and the Saga of a Straight Pin

*all names have been changed to protect the innocent

This is the tale of a friend of mine. To protect her privacy, we’ll call her Hatty. Hatty likes to sew. In fact, Hatty has been sewing since she was six years old.

Hatty knows the rules. She knows you don’t touch a hot iron. She knows you keep your fingers out from under the needle on a machine ESPECIALLY if your foot is near the presser foot on the floor! She knows you measure twice and cut once. She knows to hold her hand flat on the ruler when using a rotary blade and she DEFINITELY knows not to put straight pins in her mouth. EVER.

Hatty tells me that she either has a pin cushion nearby OR she has pins in her shirt when she’s at the design wall. That’s what she does. Until yesterday.

Yesterday Hatty put two straight pins in her mouth. She grabbed one pin, used it to secure a block on her design wall then went for the other. But there was no other pin.

Somewhat frantic, Hatty crawled around on the floor to find the pin. She didn’t hear it drop, but maybe it fell on a piece of fabric or batting or some other thing and landed softly? Alas, after a few minutes, she couldn’t find the pin. So she did a little dance, shaking out her clothing and her hair.

Still no pin, so she stripped down (her new moniker is the Nekked Dancing Pin Seeking Quilter) to see if she could shake her clothing, somewhat violently, which is a shame since her pajamas did nothing wrong, to find the pin. Nope. Not there. It was gone.

So, if the pin wasn’t on the floor, and it wasn’t in her clothing but it WAS in her mouth, there was only one other place place that pin could have gone.

Into her stomach or lungs.

Now, before you gaffe at her, please know that it happens. It was a mistake. Possibly a VERY grave mistake but a mistake, nonetheless. You can read a story about it happening to a seamstress working in a theatre right here.

So, Hatty called her husband. He laughed about it. Really? Did she really do that? But, husband encouraged her to go to urgent care to make sure she didn’t actually swallow a pin, because the outcome of that is NOT good.

Hatty put on some clothes (because she had previously stripped down and that’s not the look she was going for at urgent care) and headed out to seek a medical professional.

It’s flu season here so the wait at urgent care was a few hours. Hatty persevered. Dr. Doctor* ordered some chest and abdominal x-Rays and a few hours later he was happy to tell Hatty that she had not swallowed a straight pin.

Doctor wanted to know exactly how this mis-hap happened. They discussed. They discussed how they both sew; he sews people, she sews fabric. He also asked her to keep straight pins out of her mouth.

So here’s Hatty smiling after finding out the good news.

She thanks you for reading her PSA re: straight pins and asks you to keep them out of your mouth.

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