First Day of School

School starts early in these parts. I have a love/hate relationship with that. On one hand, by the middle of July I’m over entertaining my kids, the constant bickering, and in my house, the early mornings. My kids have never slept in so I have 14 hour summer days and NO time to myself. On the other hand, the day before school starts, I get a little sad and start to miss them.

I sent the littlest to elementary school this year. I thought it would be easy to put him on the bus. Wow! Was I wrong! I had to work to hold back tears as my kids left, and all of a sudden, I wanted summer to last longer so I could spend time with these two people.

Here we are waiting for the bus. The littlest has a nap mat that I made for him. Star Wars fabric on one side, jersey on the inside (it’s soft), and velcro closures. The little one was super excited about his nap mat. I even heard from a friend that he SLEPT in school this week. That explains his chipper mood.

1st day web

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